Icemaker Issues: 3 Problems Restaurant & Bar Owners Should Leave to the Professionals

While restaurants depend on a multitude of equipment to run smoothly, one of the most essential pieces of equipment is an icemaker. Despite the relatively simply design of such machines, they can succumb to a variety of complications. Whether you own a five star restaurant, a local pub, or a sports bar, a broken icemaker can seriously hamper business.

In fact, malfunctioning icemakers is probably one of the most common reasons restaurant repair service companies are contacted. The following is a list of common problems that can impede the functionality of icemakers and why it’s important to let restaurant repair service technicians handle such problems.

Complications with the Water Inlet Valve

One of the most common malfunctions with icemakers is a broken water inlet valve. This mechanism controls the inflow of water into the icemaker, and can often malfunction during electrical surges or power outages. While testing the component is not terribly difficult, it is important that professionals handle reparations. Improperly reassembling this component inside the icemaker can lead to contamination entering the water system, ultimately endangering the health of patrons. 

Malfunctioning Ice Maker Module

Problems with an icemaker module are generally associated with malfunctioning ejector arms. In particular, when the module malfunctions, newly formed ice cubes will remain lodged in their molds and hinder the overall ice making process. You might open the machine for a few pitchers of ice and realize there are only a few cubes in the compartment, and that they are lodged in ejector arms. 

The module itself also works in conjunction with the icemaker’s thermostat to regulate the production and ejection of ice. This component also utilizes the icemaker’s water inlet valve. In all, there are a number of issues that can arise regarding the module. In this instance, professional repair is recommended to avoid improperly diagnosing the mechanism and implementing fixes that are unnecessary or improperly executed.

Malfunctioning Door Switch

Another common issue with icemakers is a broken door switch. The door switch is the component that activates the ice making mechanism inside the icemaker. However, when this component is not working properly, icemakers can either go into overdrive, producing much more ice than is necessary, or they can shut down, and not produce any ice.

While the latter problem is the worst of the two outcomes, either can create problems for a restaurant or bar owner. Repair specialists should handle these fixes because a faulty installation can actually result in damage to other components from continued, unregulated ice production.

There are myriad other complications that can arise with ice makers, but faulty inlet valves, modules, and door switches are among the most common malfunctions in the restaurant industry, and they should always be handled by a professional such as K & D Factory Service Inc.

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