How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Wedding

When you are planning your wedding and you need to cut costs, it is best to look into some alternatives that can save you money. In many ways, these options reduce your overall costs while still allowing you to have the perfect wedding day.

Clothing Options

The clothing for your wedding does not have to cost you thousands of dollars. Looking into alternative options for your wedding clothes is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your wedding.

For the groom, you can choose to rent a tuxedo instead of purchasing on for the wedding. Renting the tuxedo can save you 10 to 30 percent off the cost of your wedding attire.

The bridal gown is one item that can really drive up the price of any wedding, since the average price for a wedding dress is $900 to $1,500. If this amount is too high for your budget, you can look into consignment shops in your area. Some of these shops have gently worn wedding dresses that come in different styles and their price ranges are typically much lower than a brand new dress.

Reception Options

The food and drinks that you want to serve is another area that can drastically increase the cost of your wedding. However, by making a few changes to the time and food options, you can lower this amount.

One option is to have your wedding reception in between breakfast and lunch. Serving brunch is a good way to lower costs, since you will not be offering a large meal to each guest. Instead, you can offer finger sandwiches, vegetable platters or different types of fondue that your guests can snack on during the reception.

If you prefer to have alcohol served during your reception, then a cocktail style reception is another good option. You serve the same food as a brunch, but you also offer alcoholic beverages to your guests. To reduce the cost of the drinks, you want to limit the amount each guest is allowed to drink, which means forgoing the open bar. Talk to a caterer like Campion Rose Burns Catering for more ideas for ways to reduce the cost of the food and drinks.

Smart Phone Photo App

When you want photos of your wedding, you need to look into the different photography options. A professional wedding photographer. for example. can cost you around $2,500 to $10,000. This is a hefty price tag when you need to save money.

A good alternative is to find a smart phone app that your guests can use. This app allows each picture that your guests take during your wedding to go into an online photo album. You can also find some free apps, you just need to sign up and give your guests the login information so each photo will go into your account.

When planning your wedding on a budget, you need to find ways of lowering your costs. Looking through the different options is a great way to determine which methods will be the best way for you to get the wedding you prefer but for a lower price.

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