Five Creative Uses For Your Extra Bread

Bread is a staple item in most American diets. Whether you make a grilled cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the variety of meals you can make with bread is endless. But despite all the things that can be done with bread, it often gets wasted. Stale pieces and the butts of the loaf usually end up in the garbage. Although these extra pieces might not seem tasty, there are ways to put them to use to save food and money. Read on to find out five creative ways to use your extra bread.

1. Remedy a food mistake. Your bread might not taste good enough to eat, but it can help you fix another meal. For example, if you burnt rice after letting it cook for too long, putting a piece of bread on top of the rice will take away the burnt taste. On the other hand, it can also absorb extra moisture from your pot of rice if you put in too much water.

2. Soften sugar that has hardened. If you have brown sugar that has gotten hard, placing a piece of bread in the container will help the sugar return to its original texture. The same can be done for stale marshmallows.

3. Make your own bread crumbs. Freeze any stale or leftover pieces of bread, let it thaw out at a later time, and use a food processor to make the bread fine enough until it turns into bread crumbs. Add seasonings during the processing phase to make the bread crumbs flavorful.

4. Use it when broiling meat. When meat broils in the oven, there is often a lot of grease and smoke as a result. Putting a few pieces of bread in with meat will absorb the grease and will therefore help eliminate some of the smoke.

5. Let it absorb bad odors. If you’re boiling food that doesn’t smell good (like cabbage), putting a piece of bread on the lid of the pot will help absorb a lot of the odor. You can also put a few pieces in your refrigerator to absorb any bad smells.

Bread is one of the most popular foods in the American diet. Unfortunately, because of its shelf life, millions of pieces of bread are thrown out and wasted every year. Whether you are a parent or a bread supplier, utilizing these five creative ideas for bread can help you solve problems while also saving time and money.

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