Maximize Your Entertainment and Wow Your Guests—Essential Supplies to Keep In Your Home Bar

If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment options, installing a bar can be a great way to make your place a destination for your friends and family. However, a long piece of wood with some stools won’t truly satisfy your needs. Even the most attractive bar won’t have the impact you want it to unless you make sure it’s correctly stocked.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some things you should be sure to keep in your home bar. Aside from your alcohol of choice, the items below will go a long way toward making sure you can provide true entertainment and impress everyone who comes over to enjoy your new space.

Maintain a Pantry

For home cooks, a deep and well-stocked pantry is absolutely essential. Being able to reach into your supplies and fortify any dish that you want to cook will reduce your stress and minimize your trips for additional groceries. For home bar enthusiasts, the same principle applies.

Aside from stocking the liquor that you and your friends like to drink, you should also keep a ready stock of essential additives. Bitters, jarred fruit, olives, and other accessories will go a long way toward elevating the cocktails you make and can truly give your home bar a professional feel.

Have the Right Equipment

Attempting to make a drink but being forced to get creative with your mixing can be very difficult. Similarly, the most professionally mixed drink will lose some of its appeal when poured into an oddly sized plastic cup. Rather than allowing yourself to be held hostage by circumstance, it’s important to be prepared.

Stocking a professional shaker and a reliable strainer will go a long way toward allowing you to produce the most smoothly blended cocktails you desire. You should also hold on to glasses of various sizes and shapes which promote the aromatic qualities of particular liquors, guaranteeing that your experience in your home bar is just as good as the fanciest cocktail lounge in town.

Consider Smart Substitutions

As a home bar owner, you will naturally be more restricted than a commercial establishment. It can be a pricey proposition to keep up a constantly rotating stock of high-quality liquor, so it’s important to seek smart substitutions where possible. Consider maintaining a bar with one brown liquor, one white liquor, and one cordial. Keeping that proportion should guarantee that you can at least provide a satisfactory substitute for any of a variety of tastes.

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