4 Delicious Dishes That Use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds provide a number of benefits to your health. They’re often times considered a “superfood” because they provide an ample source of fiber and help your cardiovascular system. In addition, chia seeds are also low in calories and are a great way to make you feel sufficiently full despite the fact that your caloric intake is rather low. Included in this brief guide are a few dishes that make great use of chia seeds.

Avocado Toast With Chia, Craisins, and Cashews

This delicious west coast-styled breakfast is both filling and full of protein. It is recommended that you use an ancient grain style bread in order to maximize your fiber and vitamins E and A. Cut four slices of avocado to be even distributed over two slices of the toast, then sprinkle with the chia seeds first, then craisins to taste, and 7 to 8 cashews for this potassium rich breakfast that is sure to kickstart your day.

Greek Chia Yogurt and Sliced Strawberry

This is another breakfast or light snack dish that will invigorate you, make sure you have plenty of fiber throughout the day, and is simply tasty. Just add chia seeds to a flavored Greek yogurt of your choosing – although popular favorites seem to be lime or coconut – mix it in, then slice a solitary strawberry on top.

Chia Breakfast Muffin

Simply poach a few eggs, place them on an English muffin, and then sprinkle chia seeds to taste on top of the eggs. This is an amazing source of protein and iron, thanks to the eggs, but, especially if you’re on the go, the English muffin will give you a few carbs that will make rushing from point A to point B a little bit easier. Add cheese for a bit of flavor, if you wish; English muffins and eggs both tend to pair well with a simple American cheese.

Fruit Salad With Chia Dressing

If you’re looking for a fantastic dessert that is also filling and won’t pack too many calories, look no further. Slice your favorite fruits – for this dish, blackberries, strawberries, and fresh mango are recommended – then drizzle it with the dressing. The dressing simply consists of honey, lime juice, and chia seeds to flavor.

Chia seeds are not only healthy and filling, they are also incredibly rich and flavorful. Hopefully, you’ve learned about a few simple and delicious chia based dishes. It is highly recommended that you buy chia seeds the next time you go grocery shopping. For more information, visit a grocery store in your area. 

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