About Brent Nichols

Growing up in a small town, there were not many choices for eating out. Outside of one local diner and one fast food joint, engaging in fine dining required a thirty-minute drive to the near-est city. Most of the time, my mother took on the task of preparing meals. Now and then, my father fired up the grill and we had a cookout out back.

Fortunately, my mother liked to experiment. When the mood struck, she would dig out her cookbooks and come up with something that we had never had before. At least once a week, she made us a dinner that was built around favorite dishes from another part of the country, or sometimes even a different nation.

This exposure to different kinds of food led me to a career in food service. While I’m not a chef, I do own my own local restaurant. It’s not unusual for me to go into the kitchen and pre-pare dishes right along with my staff.

Over time, I’ve learned that there are certain foods most people enjoy. Some of them are on my menu year round. Others are seasonal favorites that we will only offer for a few weeks at a time. If you like food, spend a little time with me exploring some of America’s favorites. Along with making you hungry, there’s also a good chance you will learn a thing or two that you didn’t know before.